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Medical credentialing is essential not only for establishing a practice that provides exceptional patient care, but also for reimbursement from insurance companies. Credentialing is an important component of the insurance provider’s process for determining which medical providers meet all requirements.
ussurance aims to efficiently and effectively credential and recredential our partners for membership in various PPO / Managed Care companies, including enrolment with the CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare). It is important to check the education and training, qualifications, licensing, residency, specialization certificates, and career history of medical practitioners.

In order to manage the entire credentialing process, USSURANCE Credentialing Department is well-equipped to handle your requests. In general, credentialing generally consists of the following steps:

• Auditing the health plan in detail and verifying the remittance address as well as TINs for all providers.
• The retrieval of credentialing documents, including the tracking of expired documents, is an important aspect of this process.
• Completing the initial credentialing application, as well as the recredentialing application.
• Keep all insurance companies informed about the credentialing application.
• It is imperative to enter all provider ID numbers into the ussurance billing system to ensure accurate submission of claims.
• Maintaining every provider’s ID number in the billing system of ussurance in order to eliminate any discrepancies in the claim submissions
• Ensure that the complete list of carriers, as well as their provider ID numbers, is established and maintained.
• It is necessary to obtain an NPI (National Provider Identification) number.Our Credentialing Department at ussurance consists of brilliant Credentialing Coordinators and Analysts equipped with years of credentialing experience in hospitals, PPOs, HMOs, IPAs, and managed care companies. Moreover, we are committed to providing all of our clients with excellent credentialing service by using our wide range of knowledge and experience.
ussurance offers the best medical credentialing and billing solutions. Provider of the most affordable medical billing service that streamlines your billing processes.