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Even before the service is performed, obtain the payer’s agreement for the healthcare service. Payment delays, part-payments, and denials can all be prevented by pre-authorizing your payments. An authorization number on the claim form at the time of submitting the claims is the best route to a clean claim.One of the most challenging aspects of pre-authorization is obtaining the correct CPT code. Let us take care of it. In addition to working with the physician and analyzing the most likely scenarios, ussurance Health hub trained and highly professional staff works hard to determine the proper CPT. Therefore, stop chasing payments. Payments made through a pre-authorization are prompt.

Your coders may have done their job, but it will be up to the provider to obtain the necessary authorization. A claim denial or part –payment affects the provider and which is why our focus on getting the Pre-Auth for the procedure is complete and absolute when you outsource it to us. We work with physicians, hospitals, insurance payers and outpatient facilities and ensure the necessary pre-certification requirements are intact to obtain the Pre-Auth.

Prior authorization can prevent the following:

o Ensure that payments are not delayed or denied.
o Make sure that patients receive the maximum benefit from the policy.
o Avoid paying and claiming.
o Improve the patient’s financial counselling session.

With the aid of the Adi Health Prior Authorization service, you will be able to spend more time with your patients and less time on paperwork and administration.

FAQ – To be added in Expandable Format
What does pre-authorization mean?

Prior to performing certain procedures, the healthcare provider obtains authorization from the payer of the patient’s health insurance. The purpose of this is to highlight that those procedures are medically necessary for the patient.

When a pre-authorization is obtained, does it guarantee payment of the procedure?

Absolutely not! Pre-approval does not guarantee that payment will be made without delay. However, it certainly simplifies the process compared to the usual one. Many providers ensure that pre-authorization is completed so that payments can be processed more quickly and efficiently. In this situation, the medical biller is responsible for ensuring that the billing has been processed through the insurance process.

What makes USSURANCE Health hub an excellent choice for your pre-authorization needs?

The complex process of submitting the forms at Adi Health is simplified by ensuring that the forms are completed correctly. In accordance with an American Medical Association report, pre-authorizations for even prescription drugs are increasing by 20% every year. This is why it is advisable to prepare yourself for the future while the opportunity exists.