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USSURANCE services are an end-to-end solution that assists hospitals & medical systems in focusing on their core functions. Providers of RCM services include:

• Partnering with health care providers in order to provide comprehensive solutions related to claim processing methodologies, applicable guidelines, exceptions, and restrictions.
• With our simplified solutions, Revenue Cycle Management can be easy and worry-free by reducing the common risk of billing mistakes, coding errors, and eliminating all threats that may hinder the process of collecting revenue
ussurance Coding and Billing teams utilize their diverse experience to handle various coding specialties and follow up on the claims with insurance companies for payment and claim processing. Through the use of “Predictive Analytics,” our team is able to derive millions of lost dollars throughout the entire revenue cycle. In addition to our deep understanding of the Payer & Provider domains, we also have a unique perspective on analyzing claims and tracking down payment variances and billing/coding practices which result in low payments