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Medical Billing SERVICES

Revenue Cycle Management is a key component of ussurance revenue cycle management solution to the Healthcare Industry in the U.S. From patient scheduling to denial management, we provide medical providers and medical billing companies with end to end services from offshore facilities equipped with world-class infrastructure, including Medical Coding, Eligibility Verification, Billing, Collections, and AR Management. In light of the fact that all companies are unique, we will review your needs and assist you in selecting the appropriate service and developing a package that meets your specific requirements.

Why USSURANCE Medical Billing?

Medical billing services provided by ussurance Health have been provided for over 15 years. Partnering with us has the following advantages:

• A shorter turnaround time is achieved by processing and submitting claims on a daily basis
• At least 40% reduction in operating costs?
• Ensure that reimbursements are received as soon as possible by the payer
• A 100% HIPAA compliant process
• Settlements that are faster and more profitable
• Tracking and resolving denials in an efficient and timely manner
• Rigorously trained billing specialists and a Certified Coding Team (CCT)
• Scheduling an appointment for the patient
• Verification of eligibility for benefits
• Coding
• Medical transcription.

Those who have established themselves in the Medical Billing business, but require extra assistance to meet the needs of their clients. Our billing team has experience in working seamlessly with existing billing teams, completing incomplete projects, and completing projects with a tight timeline.

Eligibility Verification:

Seventy five percent of the physicians surveyed indicated they verify eligibility before providing services to patients. The loss of $19,800 per year if 5% of patients are ineligible is calculated on an average of 50 visits per patient per day in 264 working days. An insurance company cannot pay for services performed by an ineligible patient. ussurance enables the verification of patient eligibility before the appointment and ensures that all claims submitted to the insurance company are accurate and complete. It is the responsibility of ussurance’s Eligibility Verification department to verify the active coverage of a patient with the insurance company, make sure the patient is eligible for the procedure scheduled at the facility/Doctor’s office and make sure the patient is eligible and insured for the procedure. The eligibility-verification process is crucial for

– Stopping the denials/rejections of claims.
– Increasing the income of the doctor’s office.
– Allows the payer to receive clean claims.
– Staff members spend less time and effort on billing.