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Having a turnaround time of 12 hours ensures that claims are submitted to payors even before you meet your patients the following day. Our team will assign the necessary medical codes, receive them from the payor and also assist with denials or appeals. The only thing you need to do is sign the clinical notes manually or digitally using the proprietary billing platform at the hospital or any other EHR platform of your choice. Can’t think of a simpler solution.

Well Being and Safety

Offerings to Hospital and Doctors
Often, a provider or owner of a large sized hospital will spend a considerable amount of time working on submitting a claim to the payor. Occasionally, due to a high turnover rate of staff, you may be forced to work overtime, hire and train billers, and manage hassles, resulting in delays in the claims submission process, ultimately resulting in income loss.
Due to the growing complexity of healthcare in the current scenario, it is becoming increasingly expensive to work on denials. Not only does this negatively affect the individual doctors, but it also adversely affects the hospital’s cash flow as a whole.