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Clients claims for cash

In order to achieve a seamless flow of reimbursements, it is imperative to fix the Authorization and verification step at the preliminary stage of the revenue cycle management process. In the process of Aadi Health hub Health’s eligibility verification, the information related to the patient’s screening will be verified.

We define our process clearly as follows:

o Dates of implementation
o Exceptions to the plan
o The benefits
o Details of the coverage
o Co-pays and details of Co- Insurance
o Pre-authorization number
o Patient information compared to insurance information

Our first step in the claims process is to identify information gaps and errors. Our highly effective process of verifying eligibility can eliminate uncollectable revenue.
o Reduced the amount of days of A/R.
o Improved data quality in the billing system.
o Low co-payment, registration & billing errors.
o Reduced billing & Collections cost.
o Enhance patient satisfaction by reducing bad debts.
o Facilitate the implementation of a more effective financial counseling program for patients.
o Streamline reimbursements and eliminate rework

Personal data of the patient

Please include the following information about your patient: Name, ID#, Gender, Marital Status, Email, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Contact number, residential address, and business address.

Guatator / Account Details

Guarantee name, date of birth, work, and home phone numbers, along with their respective addresses.

Insurance Details

The following information is required: Insurance Identification Number, Name and Address of the Insurance company, Name or number of the group, Dates of the insurance policy and termination, policy number, Name of the insured, Date of Birth, and Relationship between the insured and the patient.

FAQ – To be added in Expandable Format
What is verification of eligibility?

Verifying a patient’s eligibility is a process of confirming the authenticity of their insurance claims and ensuring they are covered by the insurance company.

How is dependent eligibility verified?

In the process of verifying an individual’s eligibility for health and dental coverage under state law, dependent eligibility verification (DEV) is performed. Prior to enrolling any dependents in a health plan, healthcare professionals must verify their eligibility.

How does the insurance verification process serve two purposes?

A. Reduces the number of claims that are rejected or denied.
A. It assists providers in verifying insurance coverage in advance of undergoing a procedure or purchasing a piece of equipment, resulting in fewer lost claims.