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Payments are lost when the team fails to schedule regular follow-ups with the account receivables. Our dental account receivable specialists handle dental billing services and ensure timely payments.

The percentage of insurance collection should not concern you if it is low. ussurance is your go-to team of dental billing professionals! In attempting to collect unpaid and overdue claims, any facility must deal with extreme time constraints and challenges. At ussurance , therefore, we make sure that proper electronic claims are made, followed by

.Submission of electronic attachments,
• timely posting of all EOB credits and adjustments to the patient ledger,
• prompt investigation of dubious denied claims,
• appeals of denied claims using your comprehensive clinical documentation, and
• status updates on a daily basis.

Dental Insurance Verification

• It is our goal to accumulate accurate dental insurance services by having an expert team with the necessary skills. To avoid rejections and denials, we thoroughly check all of the information provided before processing claims.

Dental Patient Demographic Entry

• The accurate recording of dental patient demographics plays an important role in the billing process. Therefore, our team takes the responsibility to provide accurate dental patient demographics with the utmost priority. All important information about the patient is maintained in the patient’s file, including contact information, insurance details, and additional information.

• In most cases, the charge entry process is of paramount importance. Dental billing charge entry services should be performed by a highly qualified team. The experts at our firm monitor payments and costs as well as relevant information necessary in order to submit an accurate claim

• What is Dental Billing?
In contrast to medical billing, dental billing is handled in a separate department. Dentists use different codes to process claims, and the type of insurance chosen by the patient is a determining factor in the claim processing process. Medical insurance and dental insurance are distinct from one another. If the patient does not have dental insurance, he/she will have to pay for the dental procedure out of pocket. Typically, provider services consist of three types of insurance coverage:
• Medical Insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Dental Insurance

• How does the dental billing work?
When it comes to dental billing, providers can only bill dental insurance companies. In any other case, the insurance companies will not agree to cover the patient’s medical expenses. Due to widespread expectations that medical insurance will cover dental procedures, special attention must be paid to the insurance type. Often, dental claims are submitted electronically as paper claims due to the requirement to attach radiographs and periodontal charts as proof of medical necessity.

• Is dental billing software essential to work ?

Absolutely! By converting hazardous duties to an easier method of finishing each task at a time, dental billing software demonstrates technical skills and work experiences.

• What are Dental Billers Responsible for?

Companies specializing in or engaged in dental billing are responsible for creating and issuing invoices as well as submitting claims containing accurate information about patients.

• Additional Details on Dental Claims Include:

• Area of Oral Cavity
• Tooth System
• Tooth number or letter
• Tooth surface
• Description of procedure
• Missing teeth information