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The key to a successful claim is updating charges and codes for every medical procedure. It is important to note that this specific area of medical billing is constantly changing, and we make sure to implement these changes as soon as possible in our Demo and Charge entry process.Getting it right the first time Our goal is to get it right the very first time, and our team
continually strives to meet and exceed higher standards and benchmarks when it comes to the first-pass rate of claims. The process of determining the actual reimbursement of healthcare providers for the services performed requires specialized expertise coupled with an eye for perfection and accuracy.

USSURANCE hub’s demo and charge entry services will allow you to capture the following:

o Service Date
o Pre-Auth Code
o Demo Entry:
o Charge Entry
o Billing Provider
o Healthcare Provider
o Admission Date
o Referring Physician
o CPT Code
o Diagnosis code
o Patients’ details include the patient’s name and identification number, gender, marital status, email address, date of birth, social security number, contact numbers for work and home, and address for home and work.
o Guarantor/Account Details: Name, Date of Birth, Work and Home Phone Numbers and Addresses of the Guarantor
o A description of the insurance policy is available upon request: Insurance Identification Number, Name and Address of the Insurance Company, Details of the policy and effective date and termination, Policy number, Name of the insured, Date of Birth, and relationship of the insured to the patient

medical claims submissions

To illustrate how difficult it is to switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10, the former contained approximately 14,000 codes while ICD-10 contains approximately 144,000, and new codes were added back in 2017. The solution to this problem for healthcare providers and facilities is to outsource their medical billing and collections needs along with their coding requirements to a company such as MGSI. It takes only a few days for our dedicated team of medical coders to become acquainted with our client’s coding procedures and services. A key component of their work is ensuring that high quality coding performances and regulations are met for each client.

ussurance medical billing services provide healthcare providers and facilities with a reliable and reputable medical billing solution that prepares them for the ICD-10 transition. AAPC certified multi-specialty coders work at ussurance have already received their AAPC proficiency certifications for ICD-10 medical coding. The staff also attends multiple professional development seminars and conferences throughout the year and shares what they have learned with our clients. We will ensure that providers receive the maximum amount of money possible. We offer a complete suite of revenue cycle management solutions and ICD-10 medical coding services at ussurance.

FAQ – To be added in Expandable Format
What is Charge entry?

The process of updating charges for medical procedures in accordance with the appropriate fee schedule. The Medical Billing process is crucial in determining appropriate reimbursement for claims submitted to insurance companies

What does Charge entry Capture?

Data collection includes the DOS, Provider information, POS, Facility information, Diagnosis codes, CPT codes, Units, Modifiers, Prior Authorization number, Admission date, Injury date, and Referring provider information.

What is Demographic Entry?

Patient information: Name, date of birth, address, telephone number, sex, marital status, social security number, emergency contact information. Name and date of birth of individual guarantee; affiliation with the patient; work and home phone number; address; and insurance details. Information about the insured; Name of insured, date of birth, work phone number, and home address as well as insurance identification number.

How do we help your practice?

Our goal at ussurance is to get it right the first time; increasing the practice’s clean claim rate and first time pass rate. The process of determining the actual reimbursement of healthcare providers for the services performed requires specialized expertise coupled with an eye for perfection and accuracy.