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Coders are representatives of the medical industry who describe the history of a patient’s codes for filing medical claims as well as for accurate diagnosis and recommendation of further procedures to the patient after the claim has been paid. Based on these codes, all parties involved in the healthcare chain read, communicate, and arrive at a consensus regarding the needed care for the patient.
Keeping medical coding updated through a pulsating approach.
We provide Medical Coding services that improve your coding and overall operations. Our focus is on remaining 100% compliant with the current coding guidelines, as even a single incorrect code can have a significant effect on your reimbursement and revenue cycle.

Our continuous review and commitment to continuing education on the latest coding regulations keep us up to date regarding codes that are related to patient care in the hospital and clinical setting.

When you choose USSURANCE Health hub as your Coding partner, you will be able to:

o Improve the accuracy of coding.
o A smoother transition to ICD10 is possible.
o Optimize staffing and reduce shortages.
o Reduce compliance risk.

As part of our commitment to keeping our coding services credible and competent, we operate our own medical coding training and certification unit, Coding Pulse. It is our intent to ensure that you have the best and most qualified coders on your team, which is tangential to our commitment to deliver on coding accuracy levels, to support data integrity, and to assist with claim submission.

Hospital Based Coding

o In-patient
o Out-patient
o Interventional Radiology
o Emergency
o Observation
o Clinic
o Psychiatry

Physician Based Conding

o Allergy & Immunology
o Mental health
o Ambulatory surgery
o Nephrology
o Anesthesiology
o Oral surgery
o Chiropractic
o Oncology
o Critical care
o Cardiology
o Dermatology
o Orthopedics
o Diagnostic imaging
o Pain Management
o Emergency medicine
o Plastic and reconstructive surgery
o Pediatrics
o Family medicine
o Podiatry
o Gastroenterology
o Psychiatry Psychology
o General Practitioner
o Radiology
o General Surgery
o Reproductive medicine
o Gynecology
o Rheumatology
o Hospital OP
o Acupuncture
o Internal medicine
o Urgent care
o Urology

An essential element of billing and coding is medical billing charge entry. During this phase, the amount of reimbursement an insurance company will provide to a medical facility is finalized. This job is of such importance that only highly qualified and highly experienced data entry specialists are qualified to perform it efficiently.
It is our goal to provide our clients with medical billing services including charge entry, as well as a host of medical coding and billing services.
Our expert charge entry team understands the importance of meticulously completing our services and are well-versed in identifying any errors that could negatively impact the cash flow. We only assist our clients with receiving their payments on a timely basis through our focused approach.

Our company has a dedicated team that ensures our services are nothing less than immaculate. Our team has vast experience with every aspect of medical billing, including Medicaid, Medicare, POS, HMO, EPO, PIP, PPO, Worker’s Compensation as well as private indemnities. In addition, our Medical Billing Charge Entry services enter the Demographics into your billing system in a timely and compliant manner, which helps to ensure accurate and timely claim processing. Moreover, all members of the payment posting team are well versed in insurance regulations and write-offs.

Physicians, payers, software vendors, and any provider of healthcare services have been under tremendous stress as a result of the implementation of the ICD-10 medical coding system, as was expected