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The Services We Offer

It is important to speak directly with your customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. It is the most effective way to ensure that your company is ‘always on’ with inbound voice support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our voice support provides a competitive advantage over competition that relies on self-service or automation. Inbound and outbound blended call centre solutions are what make us one of the leading customer service companies.

Why should you choose us?

o Cost Advantage: Our services are offered at a reasonable price
o Expertise: Highly qualified and dedicated call centre executives attend to your customers
o Assurance 24×7: Do not let a difference in time zones impact customer satisfaction
o Training Periodicals: Employee development programs ensure consistent stellar performance
We offer superior call centre services that integrate seamlessly into your business operations and provide excellent value.

Learn more about our inbound voice support services

• Information to customers when they need it most: Deliver information to customers when they need it most. Your customers will be impressed and assured by our friendly and helpful executives.
• Queries pertaining to billing: Limit the time spent on payment-related inquiries. We can help your customers understand their bill and explain charges.
• Resolve customer issues immediately to prevent them from becoming more serious. Customer complaints are addressed promptly by our executives.

BPO services provided by USSURANCE hub

As a leading provider of comprehensive and innovative medical billing services, ussurance is a HIPAA-compliant company. We offer call center, outsourcing and customer care services in the USA and India with over 15 years of experience serving clients across the globe.
Founded by professionals with the healthcare background, under the mentorship of a healthcare provider having over 35 years of experience, ussurance hub is a company with a team of dynamic professionals. ussurance has a combined experience of over 18 years and each member of the practice team thoroughly understands the necessity of a medical practice. As a medical billing services provider, we have rapidly grown by providing a number of other back office support services. The company has now become a complete medical practice solution.

One of our strengths is our administrative services, which are integral to the healthcare industry and support backend operations. These services allow healthcare organizations to devote their resources to what they do best. In the past few years, ussurance Health – a medical billing and collections outsourcing services provider in United States, has been able to offer cost-effective, reliable and efficient revenue cycle management services to hospitals and other healthcare providers nationwide.

Professionals at our Healthcare organization have the experience necessary to reduce operational overheads, improve business processes, and maximize savings.
With our extensive experience and capabilities, we can assist you with any medical billing challenges and provide expert revenue cycle management related to healthcare. All aspects of Healthcare BPO are included in our range of services, from charge entry and payment posting to accounts receivables and denials management.