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We concentrate our efforts on the accounts that are yet to be paid and that are covered by the payer agreement. This solution aims at improving the cash flow and reducing the Accounts Receivable days and Customer satisfaction. Healthcare professionals are obligated to bill insurance companies for the service they provide to patients. Account receivables are handled in this manner.
Based on budgets, the team analyses and determines where the facility stands in terms of its AR and financial position and establishes bottom-line goals and financial targets. It is our objective to continuously improve operations in order to help the facility achieve its goals. Collections are done efficiently and cost-effectively by our highly trained staff.

Dental Management

ussurance assists Healthcare Providers in navigating the complicated process of denial management, which is a time consuming and complicated procedure. During the denial management process, we track the denial reason codes so we can correct the common denials by correcting the Coding or Front End Insurance process. Due to the same reasons, this trend reduces the likelihood of future denials. The highly-trained team analyzes the payment patterns of the payers carefully and adjusts when deviations occur. We maintain an edge on the denial process through frequent re-engineering of the process internally.

Insurance Follow-up

Medical billing companies and healthcare providers lose out on cash flow because they fail to follow up with payers regarding outstanding claims. Dedicated follow-up team at ussurance analyzes the unpaid and down-coded claims and follows up aggressively with the insurance companies. Our team continuously monitors the AR days and every claim for a follow-up beginning from 35 days. In the majority of cases, the claims will be resolved and reprocessed by phone.